Why I Pay for Snow Removal Services

Snowy sidewalks are intensely irritating. I hate slipping and falling on my behind, not only because it can be painful and lead to some nasty bruises but also because I have slipped on icy patches and spilled coffee all over myself, several times!

I eventually learned to walk a little more carefully, even though I can still sometimes slip on the snowy parts of my sidewalk. I experimented with de-icing salt but realized that I was damaging the inside of my house (the carpet and floorboards) by tracking salt inside. I do not know if it was an effect of how much de-icing salt I was using, how I distributed it across my sidewalk, or if maybe it is about what type of de-icing salt I bought (living in Chicago, there are lots of available products!).

However, I was a little upset that I had to learn to dance a careful dance merely to get to my sidewalk every morning to go to work. I have cousins in other states whose winters never dip below thirty degrees. Meanwhile, I am freezing at all times and just trying to make it to my car in one piece.

Nevertheless, I figured out what steps to take and how I could walk carefully enough to not slip. I thought that I had figured it all out — and though I was upset at the maneuvers required of me, I was just happy that it was becoming rare for me to spill coffee all over my work clothes.

And then I almost wrecked my car. In the first part of the winter, as I learned how to navigate my icy sidewalk, I had neglected to be anxious about my driveway. The pavements seemed to be different materials and the driveway was never as icy as the sidewalk in front of my house was.

But one day, I pulled out of my driveway by reversing the car into the street and then stopping to shift to drive and pull out into the street. Except, I did not actually stop reversing. My car just continued to slide backward, into the street. It was terrifying! I repeatedly braked and eventually, my car stopped, but not without much consternation. Though I was safe and no one was injured (except, perhaps, my brake pedal which was stomped harder than likely intended), I deserve to drive and walk safely on my own property.

I decided to turn to professionals for snow and ice removal. I asked around and Daybreaker Landscapes had a great reputation in the Chicagoland area for quality service at an affordable price. Some people have dramatic snowfall events that they need removed on an individual case basis, and contract Daybreaker Landscapes out to clean it up only once. My property, on the other hand, was set up for scheduled, continual snow removal services because I was most worried about the steady accumulation of snow over time. My neighborhood is not the target of blizzard events but rather faces a slow and steady rise of ice and snow — which can lead to bumped behinds and precarious driving.